We offer mediation in the production and import of goods or components from China related to electronic or advertising products, which can be made at the suppliers with whom we cooperate on a daily basis.

Import brokerage

Our team has been importing innovative electronic solutions to the advertising services market since 2014. We use factories dealing in the production of ready elements or sub-assemblies:


- printed circuit boards PCB
- assembly of electronic components
- assembly of electronic devices
- making injection molds
- production of plastic housings


The introduction of products on the European Union market is associated with a number of obligations that the importer must meet: appropriate certification, registration in the database of products and packaging and waste management, payment of recycling fees, cooperation with recovery organizations, reporting on the quantity and weight of introduced products.


As an importer acting on your behalf, we assume the above obligations.


Our advantage is:

- long-term cooperation with proven factories
- production of samples and prototypes
- price comparison from several manufacturers
- organization of the purchasing process: payment and delivery conditions, flow of technical and import documentation
- selection of the optimal form of import
- warranty for imported goods


We invite you to cooperation.