Gift sets


For sale, we offer gift sets that tempt not only with gifts, but also with decorative packaging.
We are distinguished by the use of sound modules and LED backlight.


After opening the gift box prepared by us, you can hear the sound of wishes, a short advertisement or a Christmas carol. It is also possible to install LED backlight.


Our offer includes many gift sets, and their content and packaging can be freely modified.pcq


We offer:


  • Christmas sets
  • gift sets,
  • advertising sets,


  • in decorative boxes,
  • in engraved boxes,
  • with individual print,



  • with personalized sound wishes,
  • with wrapped greeting cards with sound,
  • with LCD displays installed showing the uploaded film.


The sets can consist of any products indicated by the customer, and contain additionally packaged elements such as flash drives, company cups, calendars.