Visual LCD

Products with LCD displays


Advertising gadgets that include LCD displays are innovative products that allow you to influence the viewer through image and sound. We can realize your ideas by putting the LCD screen in the packaging: paper, wooden or plastic.



Screen resolution and viewing angle:


Rozmiary ekranów LCD


- SD screen (standard resolution):


2.5 inches, resolution: 320x240

2.8 inches, resolution: 320x240

4.3 inches, resolution: 480x272

5.0 inches, resolution: 480x272

7.0 inches, resolution: 1024x600

10.1 inches, resolution: 1024x600


- HD screen (high resolution):


4.3 inches, resolution: 800x480

5.0 inches, resolution: 800x480

7.0 inches, resolution: 1024x600

10.1 inches, resolution: 1024x600


- IPS screen (the ability to view the screen from any angle):


IPS 5.0 inches, resolution: 800x480

IPS 7.0 inches, resolution: 1024x600

IPS 10.1 inches, resolution: 1280x800


Touch screens:


size: 4.3 inches, 5 inches, 7 inches, 10.1 inches



- volume level

- play / pause

- return to the main menu

- next

- previous

- recording bar


You do not need any function buttons, just a finger is enough to control.




CMYK, pantone, local UV cover, gold / silver stamping, extrusion, etc.

Improvings: matting, varnishing, matte anti-scratch layer, soft-touch layer (softening).


Products offered:






LCD folders


  • advertising folders, printed in various forms and sizes. Tailored to the customer’s needs. The minimum order quantity: 50 items


LCD displays


  • advertising displays for showcases and exhibition windows, can be made of cardboard or plastic. The possibility of applying any printing. The minimum order quantity: 50 items


LCD boxes


  • boxes made of cardboard, wood or plastic, intended for gifts. We make the production of a selected material in any size. The minimum order quantity: 50 items


Valuation and order:


When placing an order, the customer is obliged to provide all necessary data for the valuation: product type, number of items, type of display, size, format, number of function buttons, printing parameters. It should be determined whether the graphic design will be done by yourself or with our help.

Each realization is priced individually. After presenting and accepting the cost estimate and the deadline, we provide the customer with a template to create a graphic design, as well as inform about the video specification for the selected display.

After confirming the order and paying an advance payment of 50%, we start production.


Production and delivery:


After delivering all materials and accepting the project, at the customer’s request, we can prepare an additional paid sample. Completion time: samples 10/14 days, production 21/48 days. The price includes the cost of delivery to one destination in Europe.