Wooden sticks, stirrers, cutlery

Why choose wooden products?
Wooden ice cream sticks are already a classic. Did you know that the wooden products intended for contact with food are also gaining popularity?
Products such as: wooden coffe stirrers, wooden disposable cutlery or wooden fish and snack sticks are becoming more and more popular among consumers.



The answer to why this is happening is quite simple. In addition to the fact that more and more of your customers consciously choose wooden products because of the desire to protect our planet and changes in legislation increasingly restrict the availability of plastic products. Wooden products are:

  • Functional - Lightweight and comfortable. Provide comfort of use.
  • Eco-friendly - Their production and disposal doesn’t adversely affect the environment.
  • Universal - They can be used for hot and cold dishes.
  • Natural - They don’t change the taste or smell of food.
  • Safe - Streamlined shape. Perfectly smooth without bumps or scratches.



Our offer:
- Ice cream sticks
- Wooden ice cream sticks are a classic. They are comfortable, neutral to taste sensations and perfectly hold ice cream. When ordering from us, you can also use them to build your brand awareness, just order sticks with a burned logo.
- Disposable wooden cutlery - Barbecues and outdoor meetings? We like them very much, but it is difficult to organize them without disposable cutlery. True? In such a situation, wooden disposable cutlery is a great solution - they can be used for all types of dishes: soups, grilled dishes, ice cream or salads, and at the same time they are ecological.
- Wooden spatulas - They can be used both in a doctor's office - disposable hygienic ENT spatulas, as well as in a beauty salon. You can find a full range of these products with us.
- Beverage stirrers - Wooden drink stirrers fulfill their role perfectly, they are: comfortable, safe, and at the same time ecological. With us you will surely find the ones that will be the best for your customers.
- Fish and snack sticks - Herring, roll mops or other small snacks, e.g. sticks, are very popular among many consumers. If you want your fish products or snacks to look good and be convenient to consume, use our sticks.
- cotton candy sticks,
- skewer sticks,
- manicure sticks,
- paint mixers,
- On request -
 None of our proposals meets your requirements? Check out our other products, and if you need a wooden flat product in a specific size and shape, send us your specification and we'll take care of the rest.