Universal and aesthetic sticks for snacks
Wooden sticks are commonly used by producers of fish dishes, as they are perfect for joining popular rollmops or other fish-based snacks. They are useful for creating appetizing mini burgers, because thanks to them all the ingredients will be in place. They are also irreplaceable in popular plugs, where you can use them to permanently connect small pieces of cheese, cold cuts, sausages, fruit or mushrooms. Snack sticks facilitate the consumption and serving of dishes, and the natural raw material from which they are made does not change the taste or smell of dishes. They can have unlimited contact with food, which is why they are willingly used by producers of ready-made snacks, which do not have to be composed by themselves.


Snack sticks are the result of many years of experience and care during the entire production process.
Their greatest advantages are:
- Quality. The sticks are perfectly smooth. We produce them from high-quality beech or birch wood.
– Versatility. They are great for a variety of ready-made snacks and fish products.
– Convenience of use. They are light and handy, they facilitate consumption.
– Ecology. They are environmentally neutral and biodegradable.
– Aesthetics. Their natural appearance makes the dish more attractive and fits perfectly with any tableware.


We offer:
- Sticks for herrings / roll mops 35 mm,
- Sticks for herrings / roll mops 50 mm,
- Sticks for herrings / roll mops 60 mm,
- Sticks for snacks / mini burgers.

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