I. Hardcover boxes, Type A

Cover box with foldable cardboard interior. Extremely aesthetic.
The outer element is made of bookbinding cardboard. The inside of the cardboard GC1 300g.
Minimum transport volume.
Magnetic closure.
Approximate size 200 x 200 x 55mm.


II. Hardcover boxes Type B

Cover box with folding cardboard interior.
A modern solution that reduces dimensions during transport.
Internal and external element made of bookbinding cardboard.
Magnetic closure.
Approximate size 200 x 200 x 55mm.


III. Hardcover boxes Type C

A solid and carefully made box made of bookbinding cardboard, covered with paper.
Base material 2 mm bookbinding board.
Simple form, effective veneer materials or, according to your own design, magnetic closure.
Packaging for any occasion, for any product, gift or presenter.
Approximate size 200 x 200 x 55mm.


IV. Hardcover boxes - Small boxes

Boxes with a lid - A solid two-piece box made of bookbinding cardboard. Proven form. Effective veneer materials or designed by the customer. It enables reliable packaging of, for example, electronic products, jewelery, office accessories.

Boxes with a lid and a collar - Three-piece, solid and elegant box made of bookbinding cardboard. Veneered with paper veneer. It allows you to safely pack, for example, an advertising gadget, an original gift.

Note: We can put light and sound into each of our boxes.

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