The sound + light advertising folder is an exclusive way to inform the customer about important offers or thank him for the purchase. It can also be used as a VIP invitation.
This information brochure has a wow effect on the audience of this gadget.
In the case of the presented folder, which was made for a car brand, the new line of sports cars was presented in an impressive way thanks to the creative use of light and sound.
The folder was made with a stiff, sealed envelope with related graphics.

- folder dimensions: 21 x 10.5 x 0.8 cm
- sound + light module installed (2 LEDs)
- client's sound uploaded to the module,
- battery powered (included)
- a photosensitive switch that starts the sound and light automatically when you open the folder,
- full color print,
- soft touch foil.


We are open to any personalization. The advertising folder is produced with the sound of the client, according to his graphic design. The quantity, color and placement of the LEDs can be customized.


Minimum order quantity: 500 pieces.


Pricing and order