The products we offer, we adapt to the customer's needs. We can prepare almost any solution for the customer's technical requirements. We offer playback switches: hinged, push-button, photosensitive, motion, shock, magnetic. We make every effort to ensure that our products meet the expectations of customers and the proposed solutions provide non-standard advertising opportunities.

Visual LCD

Advertising gadgets that contain LCD displays are innovative products that allow the user to interact with the image and sound. 

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We offer modules and sound products, among others, for toys, gift boxes, greeting cards, invitations, books. e.t.c.

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LED wristbands

Silicone LED Wristbands have the ability to remotely start and change colors by the remote control - a radio controller. The group of event participants can be divided into eight zones / groups, so that each zone can be regulated separately.

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Light LED

We make LED light modules, among others, for greeting cards, leaflets, advertising bags, shelf slats, etc.

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EL Panel

By creating lighting sequences and arranging graphics, you can create animations. Electroluminescent panels are light and very flexible.

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Gift sets

For sale, we offer gift sets that tempt not only with gifts, but also with decorative packaging.
We are distinguished by the use of sound modules and LED backlight.

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