EL Panel

Electroluminescent panels are created using hi-tech technology, made of several layers: a non-conductive foil, an electrically conductive foil, and a phosphor space between the foils. Under the influence of flowing electrical voltage, the phosphor layer begins to glow underlining the graphic design.

By creating lighting sequences and arranging graphics, you can create animations. Electroluminescent panels are light and very flexible.



We offer products:

  • electroluminescent posters,
  • electroluminescent POS products,
  • electroluminescent floor mats,
  • electroluminescent stickers.

Solutions tailored to customer needs:

  • size,
  • form,
  • number of highlighted sectors,
  • power supply method.


We need the following information for pricing:

1) graphics - any graphic file (GIF, JPG, TIFF, PDF, Ai),


2) the size of the finished element,

3) number of items,

4) power supply: network, battery,

5) lead time.


Questions about the quote, please send to:

In response, we will send to your e-mail information containing:

  • price,
  • lead time,
  • virtual project of animation of uploaded graphics.

We use electroluminescent technology to add lighting and animation to printed graphics.


Features of electroluminescent panels:

  • Light weight - thickness less than 2 mm,
  • Flexible - can be bent for contouring on a curved surface (5 mm radius),
  • Very durable,
  • Installation - no need for heavy infrastructure,
  • Easy to install thanks to Velcro, pre-drilled holes and acrylic mounting frame,
  • Viewing angle - almost 180 degrees,
  • Low power consumption - usually 5/10 watts,
  • Vibration and shock resistant.