Advertising lanyards

Advertising lanyards
Nowadays, the competition in almost every industry is huge, so it is worth betting on an effective form of promotion. Therefore, our goal is to create products that will 100% meet the modern needs of all customers and their contractors.
Advertising lanyards are a proven method to increase brand recognition. All lanyards with a carabiner we present are made of high-quality semi-finished products at low selling prices.


We offer several types of advertising lanyards:

I. Lanyards with sublimation print:
- Lanyards with a carabiner,
- Lanyards with a buckle,
- Lanyards with a fuse,
- Lanyards made of PET tape,
- Lanyards made of neon tape,
- Sew-on lanyards.

II. Other lanyards:
- Lanyards without print,
- Tunnel lanyards,
- Short lanyards and keychains,
- Event wristbands.