Aromatic fresheners

Our company cooperates with manufacturer which was established 20 years ago and has been manufacturing Fresheners for car, home and office since then. We have been cooperating with the European leaders in production of aromatic substances and highly absorbent materials, creating the highest quality products. All materials used by us are certified and all our aromatic oils comply with the IFRA standards.

Using the modern production technology, packing line and numerous other machines we are able to execute high quantities orders keeping the high quality, convenient production times and attractive prices.


Here are three versions of our fresheners:


Standard quality:
The freshener is made of the most popular pure cellulose cardboard, so called „beermat”. It is stiff, a bit yellowish in colour, 1.5-1.7 mms thick. We can apply max. 2 ml of aromatic oil.

Premium quality:
The product made of high quality, absorbent, snow-white cardboard with cotton component. It is the material specially developed for the production of fresheners. The freshener thickness is 1.8-2.0 mms. We can use up to 3 ml of aromatic substance.

Exclusive quality:
This is a solution for the exacting Customers, who appreciate the very high product quality. The material, which is a special geotextile fabric (similar to felt) has been developed by ourselves and is characterized by a very high absorption properties. The product can be soaked by even 4 ml of oil and the period of release of the fragrance is longer. The thickness is 4.0-4.5 mms.




We make air fresheners in any shape up to max. size 62 × 92 mm (except for Christmas tree-shaped hangers) based on the design provided or we will present our own proposals to adapt the graphics provided. We also offer a wide catalog of ready-made dies, which we provide free of charge after contacting our sales department. In the "Die" tab we present selected shapes from our database of over 900 shapes.

1) All fonts must be in vector graphics.
2) Bitmap resolution – at least 300 DPI. 
3) CMYK colours only.

1) The choice of standard fragrances at regular prices. 
2) ClassicV8 and fragrances equivalent to the perfumes for men and women – additional charge of 0,03 eur/pc/ml.
3) Prices are quoted for 1 ml of oil. A bigger oil content is possible on request for additional charge.
Please check the Enclosure for details. 

1) Basic – elastic band in the choice of colours.

2) Option additionally paid (EUR 0.01 net / item) - plastic hook - available in the colors: purple, orange and black - while stocks last:



* Coloring compositions on a scale of 0 - 3 (0 - clean pendant)
* Composition with a delicate fragrance - minimal soaking suggested - 2 ml



Additional payment for perfumed fragrances: + 0.10 PLN net / for each ml
* Coloring compositions on a scale of 0 - 3 (0 - clean pendant)