Mouse pads

Advertising printed mouse pads. They guarantee the comfort of working in front of the computer and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

The shape of individual products is carefully designed in such a way as to relieve the wrists, which is extremely important for people working in offices and spending a lot of time in front of the computer.

In our company, however, we offer unique variants of this type of product. Due to the relatively large space, we print on the gel pads based on the preferences reported by the customer. Most often it is a company logo, various types of inscription or graphics.

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We offer several types of mouse pads related products:
- Gel mouse pads with print,
- Sponge type mouse pads,
- Mouse pads with a calendar,
- Sublimation mouse pads,
- Gaming pads / Desk mats,
- Sublimation pads 3in1,
- Stitched pads,
- Gift sets with washers,
- Wrist rests.