Wooden and ENT spatulas - ecological accessories in your work
Do you take care of hygienic and safe conditions in your work, and at the same time you have in mind the good of the natural environment? In that case, the necessary equipment should be wooden spatulas, which we have in our offer. The laryngological spatula has a really wide range of applications. They will prove themselves in both the medical and cosmetic industries. They do not cause allergic reactions or irritation. Their disposal is not a problem because they are 100% biodegradable. In addition, the offer includes sticks of various shapes and sizes that you can adjust to individual needs in your work.


We offer:
- Wooden spatula 150 mm,
- Wooden spatula 175 mm,
- Wooden spatula 125 mm,
- Cosmetic spatula 140 mm,
- Wooden spatula 140 mm.

Pricing and order