Classic wooden boxes for larger items in XL size. There is no better way to store or wrap a gift than a gift box that you can reach for and remember. A wooden box can be used to store unique photos and important little things. Each of the products is an unusual souvenir, both as a corporate gift for employees and contractors, but also for customers who buy a product packed in such a personalized box. Especially that we make each box with great care ourselves.

Our offer includes wooden single-chamber boxes or boxes with compartments. The available boxes are closed with a hinged lid that fits perfectly into the walls, which provides complete protection for stored items. Wooden boxes are available in various colors. You can design a personalized engraving on the lid. The engraving is made using a modern laser method, which allows for a careful finish, regardless of the complexity of the pattern.


We are able to implement advanced projects and adjust the size of the boxes to the customer's needs.


Note: We can attach our modules with sound, light or LCD to the boxes.

Pricing and order